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Celebs React to Paris Attacks

rkopczyk The News Story Last Friday, the city of Paris was attacked by terrorists. Specifically ISIS, who has taken responsibility for the death of at least 129 people. Three teams of terrorists staged

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Rob Lowe Grinds Jeb Bush


script Rob Lowe knows politics. He’s had experience as a Senator, President,  Deputy White House Communications Director, State Auditor, and City Manager. Of course this was all in TV and movies, but still

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Christina Aguilera Uses Her Voice for Starving...

rkopczyk еducate You may have grown up with her as your pop idol (even through the X-Tina phase we secretly loved most), seen her on the silver screen with Cher, or watched her as

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Actress Julianne Moore Talks Gun Safety


nexium price “We are actors and artists, but we are American citizens first,” is how actress Julianne Moore justifies why she can, and we all can, have an opinion about gun safety. It’s not

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