The News Story

Last Friday, the city of Paris was attacked by terrorists. Specifically ISIS, who has taken responsibility for the death of at least 129 people. Three teams of terrorists staged coordinated attacks at 6 locations across the city of lights including, a concert hall, the Stade de France and at least two restaurants according to Paris prosecutor Francois Molins. At least 352 people were wounded in the attacks and 7 of the 8 terrorists were killed. Then on Wednesday during a pre-dawn raid, the mastermind behind the Paris terror attacks was killed and one suspect was literally caught with his pants down. There was also a terrorist attack in Beirut, Lebanon killing 43 people.

The Latest

  • French warplanes carried out a new round of airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria.
  • At least 26 U.S. states will not accept Syrian refugees. The us has committed to accepting 10,000 refugees next year.

Celeb Reactions

U2U2 reaction to Paris Attacks

The Irish band was in Paris for almost a week prior to the attacks gearing up for their
performances that were set to take place the  Saturday and Sunday after the attacks. Of course they were cancelled and instead U2 visited the Bataclan concert hall, where one of the terror attacks played out, and paid their respects at a memorial. Here’s what they had to say about it all on their Instagram, “How can a man with so many friends feel so alone?” and “Love is bigger than anything in its way.”


Yasiin Bey. Who? Formerly Mos DefYasiin Bey AKA Mos Def

The rapper and actor is well known for his left wing political views. During conversation with Ferrari Sheppard on A Country Called Earth his comment about ISIS and the tragic ordeal in Paris is what we’ve all been thinking, “A big giant ‘f**k off’ to ISIS,” he went on to say, “You don’t represent nothing about Islam or nothing about the prophet.”

Bey also mentioned other injustices happening such as the death of Tamir Rice and  the racist threats at the University of Missouri.  He urged the masses to think deeper about the idea of humanity and the faulty practices of governments. Listen to the whole interview here.

Rob Lowe

We’ve written about him here on CBNN before. Except this time he’s catching some heat for his comments after the Paris Terror Attacks. Here’s what he said on Twitter in chronological tweet order:

  1. “Vive La France! #Paris”
  2. “Oh, NOW France closes its borders #Hollande”
  3. “This is either the worst translation of an important speech ever, or one of the worst ever given.” In regards to French President Francois Hollande’s post attack speech.
  4. “Lived in France, and spend a ton of time there. Been in that stadium. This is all so devastatingly sad for a place I love. #FrenchPrayers”
  5. “Wow. For you trolls out there, the phrase “Vive La France” is the traditional expression of SUPPORT for France. Don’t misinterpret my words.”

I’m still unclear on what he meant by tweet #2 and he never really clarified. But I would interpret that as, why did they wait so long to close them instead of immediately after the bombings. Also, Rob Lowe along with you and I, have the right to free speech. Maybe tweet #3 wasn’t in the best taste considering the timing and all.

Many celebrities took to twitter as well to send their thoughts and to #PrayForParis. See: Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Spacey, Mark Ruffalo , and Bette Middler.

We also need to #PrayForTheWorld